Professional and experienced staff dedicated for frequent personal sales visits to the cargo industry. We consider the personal relationship with our clients as the valuable.

Cargo business = People business

Regular communication to the Cargo Agents with updates on schedules, rates, promotions and other information to the industry to promote our airlines.
We utilize all available channels: Telephone, e-mail, fax, mailings.

Every three months a full marketing report will be given about results, market share, market potential, main customers / destinations / commodities, market capacities & our airlines share. Main competitors rates / actions, iata/cass/airport statistics or any other required info. We focus on maximizing yields for our airlines, as we are convinced we offer high quality services.

Each reservation is inserted in our in-house integrated computer system and interfaced with airlines own computer system. Our staff personally supervises each arrival and departure of every single aircraft or truck under our responsibility. Checking and controlling of cargo upon acceptance: weight / dimensions / packaging / labeling / documentation. Our staff is licensed for acceptance and handling of Dangerous Goods. Supervise and coordinate if all booked cargo is delivered and monitor close down times to assure on time departure. Physically checking correct loading of both cargo and documentation on board aircraft or truck. Provide full data capture of cargo in airline’s system. Providing ULD control. Tracing and claim handling.